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Concentrated all-purpose hull and deck cleaner

  • Quick and easy to use in a handy 1 litre bottle
  • Water-based all-purpose cleaner for hulls decks and other marine surfaces
  • Removes dirt, grease and other surface contamination
  • Non-aggressive - will not damage the surface
  • Highly economical concentrated formula

Owaclean is a concentrated, solvent and acid free cleaner for the regular maintenance of hulls, decks and other marine surfaces. This waterbased all-purpose cleaner removes dirt, grease and other surface contaminants but is non-aggressive and so will not damage the surface.

Owaclean’s concentrated formula makes it highly economical and it’s quick and easy to use. It can remove many substances including mould and is residue and smear free after rinsing.

Ideal uses for Owaclean hull and deck cleaner

  • Keeping your boat deck looking at its best
  • Removing mould marks from corners and crevices
  • Cleaning general dirt from boat hulls
  • Maintaining your gelcoat
  • Keeping fixtures and fittings on your boat clean

Applying Owaclean hull and deck cleaner

Make up a diluted solution as dictated by the level of surface contamination (see dilution instructions below for more information). Stir or shake the solution well to ensure that the Owaclean is well mixed in.

Apply the diluted Owaclean solution to the surface using a brush, sponge, roller or pump sprayer and leave it to work for 10 minutes. Do not allow the solution to dry on the surface whilst working.

Rinse the surface with fresh clean water using a hose, power washer or bucket and sponge (change the water regularly). The use of a power washer will ensure better dirt removal.

After cleaning, check the surface is clean by spraying on water. If water droplets form the surface is not clean and the process should be repeated.

Dilutions for Owaclean

Adjust the dilution according to the degree of surface contamination.

As a guide:

  • Dirty surfaces: 1 part Owaclean to 20 parts water
  • Very dirty surfaces: 1 part Owaclean to 10 parts water

Owaclean is a concentrated formla. Do not use undiluted.

Clean Up

Clean all tools and equipment with fresh water.

Things to remember

  • Cover everyhing you do not wish to clean
  • Apply betwen 10°C and 25°C
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or to hot surfaces
  • When applying by spray, adjust nozzle to prevent formation of a mist
  • Always test on a small inconspicuous area first
  • Use appropriate protective clothing – gloves, goggles, etc.

Technical Data

Coverage: Diluted 7m² to 10m² per litre. Actual coverage is dependent on the condition of the surface being cleaned.
Tools: Pump sprayer, brush, sponge, roller, hose, power washer
Suitable for: Exterior use

Contentrated formula do NOT us undiluted

Dirty surfaces: 1 part Owaclean to 20 parts water, Very dirty surfaces: 1 part Owaclean to 10 parts water

Clean up:
Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Tetrasodium Ethylenediaminetetraacetate, Amphoteric Sufactants <5%, Ionic Surfactants ≥5% – <15%, EDTA and salts ≥5% – <15%

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