The Owatrol decorating range includes paint strippers for removing previous finishes, paint additives and conditioners to improve flow and performance. We have solutions for common problems like painting on shiny surfaces, dealing with mold problems, tackling rust and corrosion and stabilising chalky surfaces to allow paint to bond well. Whatever your problem, there is always a solution with Owatrol.
Easy Flow
Rs. 1,525.00
Owatrol Deco
Rs. 4,373.00
E-B (Emulsa-Bond)
Rs. 4,209.00
Oxid Vernis
Rs. 3,157.00
Spirit Sealer
Rs. 5,073.00
Rust Spirit
Rs. 3,669.00
Reactiv Leaf Rust
Rs. 5,713.00
Reactiv Leaf Copper
Rs. 5,713.00
Reactiv Leaf Bronze
Rs. 5,713.00
Natural Varnish
Rs. 4,743.00
Copper Spirit
Rs. 3,669.00
Bronze Spirit
Rs. 3,669.00
Blocking Primer
Rs. 4,498.00
Absolute Primer
Rs. 3,189.00

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